About Us


TalentSurabhi(TS) is a start up firm , with a vision to influence and drive the changing needs of Indian recruitment ecosystem through talent pool landscape analytics. Reimagining the Recruitment practice of large enterprise to dynamic startups through adaptive process and continuing engagement with job seekers.


TalentSurabhi(TS) with its service offerings developed over a decade of industry experience are uniquely positioned to provide scalable staffing solutions “that are tailored to meet customers resources needs”. At TS we provide a full range of solutions including temporary, Consulting-as-a-Service(CaaS), Ready To Resource (R2R) , permanent staffing and other workforce solutions in the areas of Life Sciences & Healthcare, CROs, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Information Technology


We provide specialized search solutions for the following INDUSTRIES:

>> Information Technology

>> CRO & Pharmaceutical

>> IT Healthcare

>> Aviation

>> Manufacturing

>> Venture Capital

We provide talent solutions for the following FUNCTIONAL SPECIALTIES:

>> Engineering

>> Finance

>> Human Resources

>> Sales & Marketing

>> Clinical Research


>> Lack of succession pipeline in an organization in filling their open positions.

>> Lack of senior and middle management professionals with composition of right skill-sets.

>> Prolonged hiring lead time as one of biggest barrier in hiring and on-boarding right talent successfully.

>> Passive in building talent pools and slow in hiring process.

>> Hiring for diversity and inclusion.

>> High attrition and Instability

>> Imbalance in demand and supply of highly skilled professionals.

>> Availability of professionals with experiences only on segmented tasks/activities/deliverables.


We Can solve many of your key hiring challenges that nearly 50% of the organizations are unable to meet their “Talent Search” needs.

>> Market Intelligence.

>> Hiring Manager Engagement.

>> Competency Mapping.

>> Talent Insights (Pre-Screening candidates).

>> Talent Pipeline.

>> Help Streamline the Hiring Process.

>> Reduce Cycle Time.

>> Continuous Candidate Engagement & Employer Branding.

>> CV to Offer ratio 5:1